When a person seeks therapy there's usually an issue, situation or behavior they want fixed.  The therapist observes the symptoms and helps the client get clarity, reduce their frustration, confusion, sadness, guilt, etc.  Hopefully some explanation about why this feeling or situation has arisen is discovered.  The client gets understanding and better strategies.
Presence-ing™ isn't like that.  We don't try to fix symptoms.  Understanding isn't the intention.  Nor is the intention to simply express our pain, hurt, sadness or anger.  The intention is growth and healing.  Understanding, peace, intelligence and forgiveness are consequences of Presence-ing.  Symptoms are often 'miraculosly' healed.
When something is completely experienced, the energy that was contained in keeping the event or information stuck is released.  The symptoms, issues, situations and behaviors automatically disappear.  There are many ways to access and release the stuck energies.    
The Presence-ing facilitator is with you in your discovery journey, guiding you to whatever the truth happens to be at that moment.  Love, power, intelligence, connection, compassion and meaning all reveal with Presence-ing.