Presence-ing May 2014

Thank you so much for your support of Presence-ing!
It is YOU that makes this magic happen!

We can do one more Presence-ing Circle before September.To allow more time, and for more people to attend, it will be on a weekend.
Date:  Sunday, June 8th
Time:  10AM to 4PM
Place:  1065 Katella St., Laguna Beach, CA 
Cost:  Free, donations accepted
Food:  bring a snack
Please consider who else might be interested in Presence-ing, and invite them!
Please encourage them to call or email me, too!

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We're trying to get more organized about communicating, be sure no one is left out, and not annoying those that don't want to hear from us.  It comes down to a bane of our existence: an email list.  I put your name on our list.  Yes, I did that!  You can click to {unsubscribe}Unsubscribe{/unsubscribe}.  You can share this work at the rather archaic site.Dr. Leigh is on her way to India and SE Asia.  I'll be joining her in about 2 weeks. 
Again, thank you so much for your own work, and for sharing yourself.
Brian & Dr. Leigh