Presence-ing July 2015

An update to all our current and new friends:

Hello!  Checking in from Oriental, North Carolina.  We're at Whittaker Pointe Marina, relaxing and doing repairs.      

What a trip!  We've come about 800 miles north from Ft. Lauderdale, The last leg was from Brunswick, GA to Morehead City, NC.  I've made so many mistakes, some nearly catastropohic (I sideswiped a piling)!  So much education, so fast.  And truly wonderful new friends.  It's a big shift, being so intimately connected to nature, the water, the sun, humidity, sky, clouds, sea state, wind, lightning, rain, inscets, birds, turtles, dolphins and fish.  And, so intimately connected to Leigh; surrendering to depencency and interdepenceny.  We've gotten more rain in a few minutes than the last few years in Laguna Beach, CA.  Two days ago we were at a marina and there was a tornado alert.  Lightning struck a boat 49 steps (I counted) from ours.  Blessedly it only knocked out our autopilot and a handheld radio.  And, the beautiful times are so wonderful.  Right now, humidty is low, breezes are soft, pine trees scent the air, and wifi is good.  We spent a few days at a wonderful remote anchorage, playing and kitesurfing.  This adventure is the opposite of an escape.  It is a direct entry into failure, success, surrender, gratitude, helplessness, respect, and sacredness.  It is phyiscial, with physical consequences.  So far from a philisophical  or theoretical exercise.  So far.
We'll be here for a few weeks, then north another hundred miles to Kitty Hawk, Okracoke, Cape Hatteras, the Outer Banks, etc.    

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More to come soon!

Brian & Dr. Leigh Jacobs
s/v Presence-ing

My apologies for a newsletter instead of a personal note or call.  Know that I think of you, personally.