• The Prerequisite
  • The Journey
  • Parts Work
  • Voice Dialog
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Spirit Releasement
  • Emotional Fluency
  • Polarity
  • Breathwork

The Prerequisite
     The first, and most basic, requirement of a facilitator is to have completed, or released, similar programs.  The facilitator can then hold space that a client can expand into.
     The second requirement of a facilitator is a connection to Presence.  The facilitator does not do the work of transformation.  It is a gift from Presence.  The facilitator is simply a conduit for the sacred work of your personal Divine.
     Release modalities, what I call access methods, are routes to freeing stored information and charges, or programming.  This programming repeats, loops, manifesting in life patterns.  When the charge is experienced, when the charge has completed its journey, the learning has happened and the program ends.
     These modalities are not practices.  The ultimate point of a practice (e.g. meditation, breath work, etc.) is to demonstrate to you that it does not work, that it does not free you from the basic mechanism that creates the issues in the first place: the mind.  When the absolute futility of all effort is experienced the mind stops for a moment and there is an opportunity for Presence, your Divine, to enter and change things for you.
     It’s a paradox, and true, that these access methods free stuck energy and help you become more aware, more present.  By obvious extension one would think that with enough use of these modalities, you’d eventually become free, awaken.  But the mind is engaged in all access methods.  It may give up one identity, while creating another.  For example you may drop “I’m angry” and replace it with “I’m spiritually evolved.”  Both are formations of the mind.  Awakening is freedom from the mind, the mechanism itself.
The Journey
     Many, many people that have had Near Death Experiences report similar things: a journey to a warm Light, seeing themselves from above, limitless compassion, meeting beings.  They return from these NDEs to a life with new profound meaning, sacredness, presence, compassion and bliss.  The purpose of this work is to relieve suffering and move you forward to the Light while you're very much alive.  No brush with death required!
     It is well established that early childhood and trauma physically affect the brain, creating impressions that influence our entire life.  The intent of Presence-ing is to bring awareness to these impressions.  That's your part.  The Great Compassionate Light can then re-wire your brain.  A person with a changed brain experiences life differently.
Parts Work
     The voices within us want to be heard.  In parts work, sometimes called constellation work, parts are given attention, respect, space and love.  When fully experienced, they complete or continue their journey.  These parts, these voices, are formed in childhood, from conception to birth, past lives, or from other sources.  It is in the hearing, the Presence given to them, that the transformation and completion happens.  It does not come from analysis, forgiveness or understanding.  Those things are consequences.
Voice Dialog
     Distinct energy patterns, selves, have voices.  As our aware ego listens to these voices, as we become conscious of and honor the distinctions, we become able to make informed choices.  These choices can now include input and consideration from previously disowned selves.
     In voice dialog processes a person is facilitated in separating conflicting voices.  Assuming each role creates clarity.  This decreases internal conflict.
Somatic Experiencing
Our remembered past and imagined future constrains us from experiencing life as it actually is.  Thoughts and the mind control our lives.  We survive instead of live.  Time is an illusion.  It is an emergent, not an inherent property.
     Acquiring the skill of experiencing whatever happens to be presenting itself in the present moment allows you to go into and through life rather than around it.  An experienced life is filled with meaning and clarity.
     Opening oneself to being present moment to moment to whatever is there 'peels the onion', removing layer after layer of conditioning, decisions, reaction and projection.   This is not change.  This is releasing identification with the ego.
     The ego assumes the role of director and protector in our lives.  But it is relieved to relinquish control when it knows that something more intelligent, powerful, and loving can do its job better.  The ego offers up aspects of itself for dissolution.  Eventually the ego, mind, performs only the functions necessary for a temporal world.  The rest is left to the guidance of Presence.
Spirit Releasement
     Spirits may attach themselves to a person, often when the person is vulnerable or unwitting.  Attachments may come from various sources.  Releasement from these attachments can have profound effects on a persons life trajectory.    
Emotional Fluency
We are conditioned to avoid certain emotions.  Our default response may be to smile, or to be angry, for example.  We may be patterned to believe that certain emotions are bad.  Experiencing the whole range of emotions is humanizing.  It creates freedom within yourself and empathy for others.
     Specific exercises lead deepen capacity to feel in all directions.  You will have more nuance and less attachment to specific emotions.  Learning to express well at an emotional level, instead of always using a mental response, leads you deeper into the truth of situations, beyond explanations.
     Things that happen at a vibrational level are first sensed at an emotional level, later analyzed and explained at a mental level, and finally manifested on the physical level.  So developing emotional fluency, emotional flexibility, emotional responsiveness is key living your life with the content you desire.
We each have a natural center somewhere in the continuum of masculinity to femininity.  All are valid and true expressions of humanness, of the gift of life.  Deepening into and developing your true nature brings acceptance and self love.
     This process can be greatly enhanced in relationship.  Masculine (consciousness, awareness) and feminine (light, movement) centers can deeply serve and grow each other by the recognition of the gift each brings to the other.
     Think of an open ocean swell generated in a massive hurricane.  The energy could travel for thousands of miles, eventually crashing into a solid lighthouse.  Neither the lighthouse (the masculine, solid, present, aware, stillness, emptiness, death) nor the ocean (the feminine, motion, creative, destructive, expressive, changing, life) can fully experience, know itself without the other.
     Each embodies different aspects of the fullness of existence.  Each provides the opportunity to deepen into that.  Deepening one's polarity in relationship can call the other into ever greater depths of Awareness (masculine) and Light (feminine).  Each gifts the other with perception and experience unavailable to themselves.  It is in relationship to each other that we discover ourselves.  Life is relationship.
     Major religious traditions are based in masculine practices for awareness, denial and emptying.  Accepting and experiencing the feminine aspects of being blossoms one into wholeness and Oneness.
    Breath has long been recognized as a link between the conscious and unconscious minds.  And it is easily accessible, too.   Many eastern traditions include breathing exercises and practices (pranayama yoga).  Breath work is the first and simplest method of bringing you back to yourself, back into your body.  When present with your breath you’re not thinking of something in the future or remembering something from the past.  Focusing on inviting and allowing body sensations, releasing attachment to thought, is the first step in becoming free.
    Many clients have been excited to get breathing lessons.  Most people breathe primarily in either their chest or abdomen.  When attention is brought to the breath, especially lack of breath, the charges that caused the shutting off of breathing in a part of your body arise.  Then other modalities can be used to release the charges.
     There are two basic styles of breath work.  Both bring consciousness, attention, to breath.  One style actively fills you with energy and powers through blockages.  It's effective to break down inhibitions and get the ball rolling.  The second method is slower, often shallower and more profound.  It uses the body's sense of what needs to be healed and in what fashion.  Both are best facilitated with little intervention by a person very experienced in breath work.