Presence-ing December 2014

You are invited to the New Year Presence-ing community gathering!
This is an opportunity:
  • To debrief 2014 and clarify your intention for 2015.
  • To learn the three simple elements of manifestation.
  • To see the latest updates on marketing efforts (Facebook, website and YouTube).    
  • To learn about the first 'deep dive' workshop, on Grief and Loss, coming in March.  
  • To tell us more of what you want from Presence-ing.
  • To schedule dates for small group work.  
  • To join the private online Presence-ing community.
  • To make new friends and get to know each other better.
  • To give the gift of Presence-ing to others.
  • To eat!!  (Potluck at 12:30).
There will be group time, alone time, teaching, food and community!
Bring a notebook and your calendar.  And potluck food if you wish!
Come for all or part of the day!  All are welcome!!
Date:  Saturday, January 10th, 2015
Time:  10AM to 4PM
Location:  1065 Katella St., Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Tel:  949.715.1400
Please confirm by email or phone: Space is limited!
We look forward to seeing you and any friends you'd like to bring!
Brian & Dr. Leigh Jacobs

Presence-ing September 2014


We've been thinking of you and missing connection with you.  We'd love to hear how your summer is going; what's happening in your life.  We're in India and Thailand and Sri Lanka and will be back in September.

Please reply to this email and send us updates!

Brian & Dr. Leigh

Presence-ing May 2014

Thank you so much for your support of Presence-ing!
It is YOU that makes this magic happen!

We can do one more Presence-ing Circle before September.To allow more time, and for more people to attend, it will be on a weekend.
Date:  Sunday, June 8th
Time:  10AM to 4PM
Place:  1065 Katella St., Laguna Beach, CA 
Cost:  Free, donations accepted
Food:  bring a snack
Please consider who else might be interested in Presence-ing, and invite them!
Please encourage them to call or email me, too!

Confirm to    
We're trying to get more organized about communicating, be sure no one is left out, and not annoying those that don't want to hear from us.  It comes down to a bane of our existence: an email list.  I put your name on our list.  Yes, I did that!  You can click to {unsubscribe}Unsubscribe{/unsubscribe}.  You can share this work at the rather archaic site.Dr. Leigh is on her way to India and SE Asia.  I'll be joining her in about 2 weeks. 
Again, thank you so much for your own work, and for sharing yourself.
Brian & Dr. Leigh