Presence-ing May 2017

I rarely send an update so soon after the last one, but there's something I want to share with you.  Skip ahead to the last paragraph.

I had the boat towed about 30 miles from Brunswick to Saint Mary's, GA.  The tow captain suggested I complain about the expense to BoatUS.  I did and it worked: covered, no cost!  Yeah!  On the hard in the boat yard, I (with the help of Jacques, a French Canadian) pulled the engine and drive leg, about 600 pounds.  For my boatie friends, here's the plan:  I'll put a 130 lb 20” leg (5” extension available) 25HP 16A EFI Yamaha OB on a jack plate with 16” of travel.  With both electric and pull start I won't need a start battery anymore.  Since it is NEMA 2000 I can install a second Garmin 741xs to display engine and fuel info.  No more analog gauges!  Backup chart plotter!  The old AC/engine coolant hot water heater?  Out!  I'll install an on-demand propane heater.  An Engle freezer will fit where the old water heater was.  A freezer!  Yeah!  A 30” pressure vessel for the 12V water maker will fit in the old engine locker.  The water maker,  incredibly, already runs off the solar panel.  The range/broiler/oven is old and nasty.  Out!  Replaced with a clean drop-in cook top and a small microwave.  If I had a need for it, a Honda 2000eu fits quietly in the old engine locker, vented out the transom.  The rigging is 16 years old and has some corrosion.  Refitting with Sta-Lok isn't difficult, so I'll likely do it.  The acrylic windows are shot and need replacing.  There's no avoiding painting.  I gave away the 18 year old PVC dingy.  A Stack Pack is, I think, necessary to see under the boom.  Even though I'm eager, I learned the hard way about working in southern heat, humidity and mosquitoes, so all these thrilling projects will wait until the fall.  :-(

Leigh's growth and healing continues to move and inspire me.  Here's an example:  We spent 3 weeks at South Padre Island, the OBX of TX, because it is about the best place in North America for her to learn to kite surf.  Kite surfing can be terrifying and is dangerous (and huge fun, of course.)  She's determined and progressing well, making runs in both directions.  We're sitting in 8” of of water, setting up.  She's harnessed in, arms and kite overhead, conditions she's familiar with.  Though nothing was exceptionally different, fear began to rise in her.  She started by breathing through it, with deep exhales.  More fear arose and she started to cry.  Then came flashes of anger, followed by more deep tearful sobs.  Soon her whole body was trembling, shaking, chattering and convulsing in the deepest terror.  After about 15 minutes it subsided and we brought the kite down.  She stood and we walked back to the palapa.  Later she shared about the experience: the posture, sitting on the ground, arms overhead, a much more powerful force above her, yanking her up, was the trigger.  In childhood she dissociated, but this time terrified 'little Leigh' stayed throughout the event.

Sometimes the triggering event is known.  I was on Maui, working with a guy in his 20s.  Years before he had nearly drowned in surf, and entrusted me to facilitate him in processing that.  We were sitting on a calm leeward beach where I led him in focusing and presence-ing.  We moved gently from the sand into contact with the water where he opened to the physicality of his fear.  Then into waist deep water where he transitioned from standing to laying in the water, lightly cradled in my arms.  His body erupted in free release with thrashing, convulsions and gasping.  After it subsided, we moved back to the sand where he sobbed for awhile.  After a few minutes of integration, he rose and plunged back into the water, laughing.

Leigh connected me to a gal in Australia assembling travel retreats for depression, abuse, anxiety, grief and loss, etc.  If this comes together, we could facilitate work this summer in Mongolia.  Mongolia!  What a kick!  I fractured a toe in South Padre Island have had to lay low.  So I learned a bit about GIMP, wrote more autobiography, and am studying the ToS platform.  The toe is almost healed now, so I can get back on the fitness wagon soon.  And, this is big for me, Leigh has begun selling her watercolors!  See  Leigh would love to hear what you think about her work.  She's also working to get these images on yoga pants. Contact her at, On instagram: @hearttohandfineart and or cell/text 949.415.9373  More good stuff.  Yeah!

In a financial Catch22, we may have to sell our home.  We'll see.  We'll be here, on and off, for the summer at least.  In the mean time, we'd love to share our wonderful pad with YOU!  Let me share more: Laguna Beach is surrounded by a greenbelt, secluded rocky coves and hosts a famously contrived summer arts festival.  Our home is at the top of a quiet 700' hill with whitewater, village, island and sunset views.  Walk or take a city bus to the beach, village, galleries, museum or art festivals.  Hey, I did a video a few years ago.  See 008 at  There is nice hiking right out the back door.  We don't interfere or fuss over guests and want you to come and go as you please.  You'll have your own bedroom and bathroom.  We'll give you suggestions for places to explore your interests.  Make our place your home for awhile, a base for a break, exploring, personal work, or whatever you like.  Since we don't know how much longer we will live here, we'd love to share this beauty and our good fortune with you while we can.  Come!


Brian & Dr. Leigh Jacobs

Here are a few of Leigh's watercolors: